About Us


Agro Tama Abadi was founded in 2016 in Surabaya , Indonesia to produce and supply a premium spice-paste brand, so-called “PRING MAS”. Its products consist of packed Instant Seasoning Mixes of popular indonesian cuisines and hot chilli sauces in bulks or individual packs for domestics and international markets.

As an Indonesian Spices Manufacturer, we are dedicated to deliver an Authentic Indonesian recipe for Instant Seasoning Mix, with 100 % pure natural spices, No added mono-sodium glutamate ( MSG ) or equivalent substances, No added artificial colouring & flavouring, No preservatives, No starch, No wheat and No Gluten. In addition, we are dedicated to ensure a high-quality, healthy, and delicious foods for all people who love Indonesian, especially Javanese foods.

Our mission is to assist busy people, especially single ladies or married women who love their families and love Indonesian Authentic foods by providing them with premium-quality PRING MAS products such that Everyone can cook Indonesian delicious meals in fast & easy way without need to be a long-time experienced chat first. “NO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO COOK AS THE OLD WAY”… SAY GOODBYE TO LONG-TIME FOOD PREPARATION. Making delicious Indonesian foods is getting easier than ever. Try PRING MAS products and you will FEEL GOOD than ever from your family!


What set us apart is our spices are made only from natural ingredients. Our main concern is making a positve contribution to health, by having natural ingredients in our products. Our spices are made from the best quality of fresh herbs and spices with no added extract, essence or artificial colours. These selected ingredients are then processed in our plant.

Halal Certificate by Indonesian Ministry of Religion & MUI. SP-IRT certificate by Indonesian Ministry of Health Certification /BPOM, we maintain a good, healthy and conducive environment in our factory to produce the best quality spices for the consumer. The end result is an aromatic, fresh and authentic tasting spices that will deliver a delicious Indonesian dishes in your own home.